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Worst Tiktok Skincare Trends of 2022

As we move into the future of 2023, skincare trends are getting more and more bizarre. Tiktok has been serving us an overdose of unique and sometimes downright dangerous skincare trends, some of which may even cause permanent skin damage. Here, we'll take a look at the worst TikTok skincare trends of 2022 that range from useless to dangerous.

10. Cicaplast Spot Treatment

Let’s kick it off with something fairly harmless. Recent TikTok videos are promoting Cicaplast as a spot treatment, which doesn’t really do anything for pimples. Just use it as a regular moisturizer. If you are looking for good spot treatments, we suggest Salicylic Acid, Clindamycin or Benzoyl Peroxide products which are readily available in most drug stores. 

9. Potato for Pimples

Now, this is just plain silly. The trend involves taping a potato slice to your pimple for 4-6 hours. They claim that the potato sucks out all the bad gunk from your skin. No, a potato cannot do that. If you believe it does, you are a potato.

8. Niacinamide in Everything

Niacinamide is an amazing ingredient that has multiple benefits for the skin. However, there is such a thing as too much niacinamide. Applying multiple products with niacinamide can result in a higher concentration of it in the skin, which can cause irritation. You don’t need all your products to contain Niacinamide, just one in the proper concentration is enough. 

7. Toothpaste

Oh my goodness when will this trend die? It’s like a zombie that comes back over and over again. To make things worse, people even use a toothbrush to brush away the blackheads. Toothpaste has surfactants that blast away your skin barrier. Instead of helping, it actually allows the bacteria to penetrate the skin, triggering inflammation. Because your skin barrier is now damaged, your skin dries up and causes more inflammation. Trust us it isn’t helping, your acne healing is just it healing on its own. 

6. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil actually contains lots of terpenes that are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and even anti-viral. Using it at 5% may have some anti-acne benefits, but using pure tea tree oil is a huge nono. Even at lower concentrations, it can cause contact sensitization and allergic dermatitis. Its sensitization ability is well known and it is a part of the North American Contact Dermatitis Group screening panel.

5. Icing

Now we are heading towards the more harmful trends. Some brands are promoting icicles to apply to your skin to lessen puffiness. Icing muscles can help with soreness but its effect is quite different on the skin. Barrier repair halts when the temperature drops below 15C. A lot of your enzymes responsible for important processes like Ceramide processing are only active at body temperature. Inhibiting these constantly may cause them to lower their activity permanently. In addition, your skin experiences rebound redness after applying ice as your skin wants to return to normal so it allows capillary dilation while promoting inflammation to the site. Big no no. 

4. Big Hydrocolloid Patches

OMG, girl that isn’t pus you’re peeling from your skin. THAT IS YOUR SKIN. Occluding inflamed skin is not recommended as your skin is looser and the adhesive in these big patches is able to peel-off your skin. In addition, occluding your skin with a vapour impermeable membrane halts a lot of skin processes like barrier repair. It also stops moisture bombs (NMF) processing, delays desquamation, and so much more. You can opt for better pimple patches that are made specifically for pimples, they are milder, they do not occlude vapour and they have milder adhesives.

3. Not Moisturizing at Night

This guy says that moisturizing at night inhibits the skin’s normal process because the skin is meant to slough off, and adding something on top of the skin inhibits that process. That’s definitely not how the skin works. Moisturizing is beneficial day and night, especially for those with dry skin. Even occlusives that are used in skincare do not inhibit cell differentiation, in fact, they promote it. 

2. Sunscreen Contouring

Holy! This is probably one of the most shocking trends that I’ve heard. I know people would go to lengths to achieve beauty, but this is dangerous. Sun damage is no joke and the effects it can cause go beyond just sunburn and wrinkly skin.

1. Coconut Oil as Sunscreen

Finally we have the worst Tiktok trend. According to TheCoconutMama, “Coconut oil contains an SPF of 5, and it contains antioxidants that can protect your skin from up to 20% of the sun’s damaging rays. She goes on to suggest using it for your babies.” OMG, this is downright dangerous. Coconut DOES NOT have an SPF. Stop cooking your children, and use properly formulated sunscreens. 

The bottom line is to proceed with caution when it comes to skincare trends on TikTok. If a trend seems too good to be true, it probably is. Stick with proven, science-based products to ensure you maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

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