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Ingredient Profile

Common Name: Squalane
INCI: Squalane
Source: Synthesized through Biotechnology

kligman ingredient evaluation

Penetration: Under analysis
Biochemical Mechanism: Under analysis
Level of Evidence: Under analysis

Regimen's Take

Squalane is a lipid that acts a moisture retainer. It's related to but not to be confused with squalene, which is produced by the body, and comprises about 13% of your skin's oils (sebum) and protects the body from lipid peroxidation due to UV exposure, maintains moisture, and acts as an antioxidant by quenching free radicals. In skincare, squalane is its more stable counterpart, used primarily as an emollient to smooth skin and prevent moisture loss. It's a high quality emollient because of its biocompatibility, which has been well-studied and shown to be noncomedogenic, improve skin elasticity, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Squalane does not work as an antioxidant unlike Squalene.


Look for squalene as the top emollient in your moisturizer. If your moisturizer contains squalane, it must be at 5-10% of the formula to properly reduce TEWL.
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