• AZ is a unique antioxidant that physically quenches radicals
  • It boosts matrisome genes for anti-aging
  • It effectively prevents Dark CPDs in the skin. 


  • a-AB is an anti-pigmentation agent derived from bearberries
  • It shows great promise in anti-aging by inhibiting MMPs and catalase
  • Bisabolol is one of the most potent soothing agents
  • It effectively reduces redness and stinging
  • It also helps in hyperpigmentation


  • Betaine is an osmolyte from beets and rice bran
  • It is used as a humectant and anti-irritant in skincare
  • It has a unique hydration mechanism in the skin


  • Ceramides are your main component in your Moisture Barrier
  • They protect your skin from entry of pathogens
  • They need to be applied with Cholesterol and Fatty acids


  • CAHS is an amphoteric surfactant that adds mildness to a cleansing product.
  • It has synergistic effect with anionic amino acid-based surfactants


  • DMC is a bio-inspired molecule similar to tocopherol
  • It has a triple scavenging action on RCS, RNS & ROS
  • It shows higher antioxidant power than most antioxidants



  • EGCG's main function is in reducing UV-induced damage
  • It promotes skin hydration through Hyaluronic acid
  • It protects collagen by inhibiting its degradation


  • FA is an essential antioxidant in stabilizing antioxidants
  • It has a unique mechanism for terminating radical cycles
  • It also has potent anti-inflammatory effects


  • Genistein's main effect is anti-aging through collagen protection
  • It has shown wound healing properties as well
  • Recent studies suggest limiting its use to 0.007%


  • Hydroxyacetophenone is a new multifunctional preservative 
  • It shows some antioxidant property in the skin
  • It is very mild and shows some soothing effect


  • NAG is a precursor molecule for Hyaluronic acid.
  • It helps prevent hyperpigmentation, skin aging and inflammation
  • Our NAG is derived from Biofermentation of Corn
  • Niacinamide targets acne, improves moisture barrier repair, fights skin aging, brightens skin and so much more
  • It serves a  precursor for various molecules


  • Quercetin is an intensely colored antioxidant derived from orange peel
  • It has great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect even in low concentrations


  • One of the most potent antioxidants in skincare
  • It has a unique effect on Sirtuin activation and Splicing Factor Expression 
  • Definitely a must for anti-aging



  • SCG is an amino acid-based surfactant known to be one of the mildest surfactants
  • It breaks down into an amino acid and a fatty acid in the skin, adding more moisture to it
  • SCG is an amino acid-based surfactant that is composed of Glycine and a fatty acid
  • It has the smallest charged head among surfactants which makes it really mild


  • TXA prevents the first signal for pigment production
  • It enhances the Barrier's strongholds (Tight Junctions)
  • It also improves Barrier Lipid release