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Pentacyclic Triterpenes of Centella asiatica

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Ingredient Profile

Common Name: Pentacyclic Triterpenes of Centella asiatica
INCI: Pentacyclic Triterpenes of Centella asiatica
Source: Centella Asiatica
TECA Molecule

kligman ingredient evaluation

Penetration: Under analysis
Biochemical Mechanism: Under analysis
Level of Evidence: Under analysis

Regimen's Take

Also known as TECA (Triterpenes extracted from Centella Asiatica, [Gotu Kola]). Gotu Kola has long been known for anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. High amount of triterpenoid sapononines, terpenes tend to have a great effect on the body. Main terpenoids: asiatic acid, asiticoside, madecassic acid and madecassoside. Also includes a number of flavonoids - which are strong antioxidants. Also contains phenolic compounds, which tend to be good anti-aging and anti-inflammatories. TECA is FDA-approved when used in over-the-counter skin repair products for wound healing, collagen repair, boosting vital proteins within the dermis, etc. The strong clinical studies behind TECA's components mean in skincare products, TECA has moisturizing, barrier support, and anti-aging properties (e.g. reduces appearance of stretch marks). We recommend TECA for those of all skin types and concerns. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce signs of aging in the long term Skin Repair Moisture Barrier Anti-Aging


Clinical studies have only shown benefit starting at .2% and potentially up to 1%, so look for TECA in these concentrations. These studies also look at the use of TECA 2-4 times a day, so consider using it at least twice a day. One study showed reduction of post-natal stretch marks reduced by 40% and discoloration by 50% compared to reductions of 3%-6% when using placebo.
Pentacyclic Triterpenes of Centella asiatica / Asiatic Acid **Madecassic Acid **Asiaticoside
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