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*Preliminary Lab Notes* - Full Entry Under Development

Ingredient Profile

Common Name: Panthenol
INCI: Panthenol
Source: Chemically Synthesized

kligman ingredient evaluation

Penetration: Under analysis
Biochemical Mechanism: Under analysis
Level of Evidence: Under analysis

Regimen's Take

Panthenol, also Vitamin B5, is produced by the skin and functions primarily as an NMF (decreases dehydration) and improves skin barrier function. In skincare, it has been used topically to treat skin wounds and diseases, but the specific mechanism of how it works is not known. We do know it increases lipid synthesis (ceramides, cholesterol, etc.) and promotes fibroblast proliferation (fibroblasts are responsible for skin healing). Aside from improving hydration, protects against irritation, and damage from harsh surfactants like SLS. For those using retinols, panthenol has been proven to reduce side effects like irritation, dryness, redness, etc.


Look for panthenol with glycerin (the sum is more than the parts). Also look for panthenol in products that are typically irritating (like acids, retinols, etc.) as it can help reduce associated side effects. Watch out! There are two forms of panthenol, D and DL, but ingredient labels only specify "panthenol" - ensure your products contain only D as DL panthenol is only 50% skin comtaible
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